Quality Investment Properties

Quality Investment Properties is unique as a developer due to our in-house expertise and skill sets that most developers only get through contractors and partners. Our approach allows us to meet and exceed client expectations for managing highly complex developments on a fast-track timeline, incorporating our resources that include everything from architectural layout, landscaping, and interior design to end-product facility management. Quality’s key in-house personnel are uniquely qualified with substantial and relevant experience for each of their respective areas of responsibility. Most developers depend on the resumes of their contractors and architects. In contrast, the Quality team, including several of the nation’s leaders in facilities and infrastructure management, has a proven track record and an industry-leading knowledge base from which they work. Our clients have discovered that this in-house approach utilizing this very rare skill set of people, coupled with our experience and proven track record, is what sets us apart from the rest of the industrty

Fast-Track, Technically Advanced Projects

Quality continues to pursue and thrive in fast-track technically advanced projects. It understands that, to accomplish such projects, a true partnership mentality is critical. Quality has had great partnerships with many Fortune 500 companies as well as government entities including the National Park Services and the FBI. Knowing the needs of potential partners, Quality has focused on making specific adjustments to accommodate their special requirements. As an illustration, a select number of Quality’s mission critical facilities have passed in-depth audits by industry leaders. Quality’s partnership mentality also was exhibited during the National Park Service project in Tucson, Arizona, where the project scope changed dramatically after the award because this was the first ever construction of this type in a lease-back scenario for NPS.  Throughout the project, Quality never lost focus that NPS was first and foremost their customer and partner.  Quality delivered the project 4 months early, under budget and most importantly, gave NPS everything it wanted and needed to execute the critical mission of preserving National treasures.